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Carvings & Specialty Items

Granite Tops, Inc. pushes the boundaries of possibilities. Items include custom tubs, sinks and fountains. Complex profile and plane interfaces become possible.  These include star fire glass, lamented onyx panels, TRUFIG receptacle covers and miter matched cubic objects.

Our specialty items are:

  • Custom bath and steeping tubs.
  • Radiator covers for baseboard, grill type or steam box covers and enclosures.
  • Fountains-large and small.
  • Glass lamination for door panels, bar tops, and other applications.
  • Waterfall islands are artfully matched and joined to create your unique design.
  • Waterfall techniques are used in applications for furniture and vanity tops.
  • Outlet covers and zero tolerance type outlets.  Cutouts including TRUFIG and Bocci 22 series are available.
  • Fluting for detail and drainboards.
  • Recessed planes around bathroom sinks provide a level of sophistication found only in the finest traditional environments.
  • Matching: book matching, end matching, quarter matching and more are possibilities which Granite Tops, Inc. brings to life.
  • Engineering services are available for wall claddings and cladding systems.

Some of the most beautiful cladded walls are ones that are book matched. When two pieces of stone are book matched, it creates a breath-taking mirror image effect. This book matched Calacatta shower is a perfect example. Other features shown are mitered edge profiling at the vanity and floating seat.

Granite Tops, Inc - Ecumencia Stonework

Modeling is a specialty at Granite Tops, Inc. This foam core model of a Greek Orthodox shine for the Virgin Mother is the basis and foundation for shop drawings. The shop drawings are then used in the production and manufacturing for the creation developed in the modeling process.

Granite Tops, Inc - Custom Stonework

An elegant classic, this Botticino monolith in Le Louvre is an inspiration.  The base was carved and finished in our factory by the hands of expert carvers and finishers.

Granite Tops, Inc - Residential Stonework

Granite Tops, Inc - Ecumencia Stonework

Granite Tops, Inc - Ecumencia Stonework

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Granite Tops, Inc - Ecumencia Stonework